Exclusion is the most important aspect of keeping unwanted pests outside your home or business. Exclusion means to eliminate pests by preventing entry – closing doors, caulking cracks as needed, replacing siding and checking vents are just a number of ways to keep pests out of your home. Vugteveen is willing to consult and troubleshoot your home or business in order to figure out the best ways of protecting your home or business.

Spider Control
An effective spider control program does the following: eliminates a spider’s food supply (other insects), creates an insecticide barrier around the house or business which needs to be reapplied periodically, includes the removal of dead leaves and mulch from close proximity to the home or business, and effective vacuuming of webs and egg sacs to reduce the population. Installing yellow “bug lights” can also help control population density.

Wasps and Hornets
These pests are largely seasonally based. Typically found in the spring and summer rebuilding their nests. For instance, male wasps will fertilize female wasps whom typically develop late in the summer; over winter the female shelters herself while the rest of the colony perishes. The queen will then lay eggs in the Spring. In order to truly eliminate these threats you must locate and remove the nests which is a difficult and dangerous task.

Other Means of Preventing Pests
Cover food and beverage and put away food items or store them in containers. Avoid putting over-ripened fruits in your kitchen and counter-tops, attracting insects. Food and beverage spills should be cleaned promptly. Remove all signs of stagnant water in or around your home – leaking faucets, sinks, drains, etc… should all be removed or repaired. Always keep garbage cans inside and outside your home clean. Trim hedges and foliage around your home or business to be at least 12″ from your structure to discourage infestations.

We offer a comprehensive lawn service, because we know you care about your lawn. This summer, don’t let the mosquitos ruin your fun.

With Vugteveen’s spraying service, we’ll ensure that your gathering is uninterrupted for up to two weeks. That’s a long gathering. Our micro-encapsulated chemical spray is safe once dry, allowing you, not the chemicals or pests, more time to enjoy the lawn you’ve worked so hard for. We also offer MistAway®, an automatic outdoor insect control. Control pests with the touch of a button. Literally.